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For most of us our garden is our own private refuge, a place where we can satisfy our need for beauty, tranquility and personal achievement. Each garden is an entity created from its share of the sun and rain and the qualities of the soil, with its own unique character.

If you are serious about home gardening, you might want to consider a greenhouse, the newer models are designed for quick set up.  Our First Greenhouse should give you some ideas of what you will need to get started.

Plain and Practical Directions For the treatment of Tender and Hardy Plants In the House and Garden. Easy to follow instructions to improve the appearance of you lawn and flowers. Instructions for garden baskets, raising plants from cuttings and much more. Also provides a table of flowers and the meaning of each.

Even the smallest patio, balcony, courtyard, roof terrace or porch can boast a crop of vegetables or a garden of flowers, all achieved by planting them in containers. Planted containers are useful to mark an entrance, such as a door or positioned to fill a patio area with color. It is easy to pick your favorites from our Flower Pots

Most gardens have at least one rose among its plants, few gardens would be complete without the beauty and fragrance of the splendid flowers. Blooming from spring until autumn, they never loose their appeal and charm. There are so many different kinds of roses to choose from. Visit our Rose Garden

To help get you started we have provided a collection of Gardening Hints, many different ways to guide your planting needs.

Garden Herbs provides you with the information you need to get started with you first herb garden.  Uses of herbs, how to grow, folklore and recipes for using herbs. You can even bring your herb plants inside and grow them through the winter in areas where the winter cold would destroy them. 

If you have ever dreamed of growing beautiful Orchids, you have came to the right place.  Orchids is a complete book online that provides information on many different kinds of Orchids.

Our Vegetable Garden provides you with common plants for the home garden, growing instructions and care of the plants. 



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